Excel Coaching

Need to take your Excel skills to the next level? Don't think a normal Excel training session will hit the mark? Then why not consider an Excel coaching session?

Our Excel coaching sessions deliver tailored and targeted one to one Excel coaching to consolidate and expand your Excel skills.


The benefits

  • Tailored and targeted
  • One to one
  • Relevant to your skill level, your role and your organisation
  • Work on your own spreadsheets and data
  • Build spreadsheets to best practice standards with your coach


Below are examples of an intermediate and an advanced coaching session:


An example of a one day intermediate Excel coaching session

Spreadsheet Development 1.5 hrs

  • Confirmation of fundamental skills
  • Best Practice Modelling Fundamentals
  • Workbook security


Development of formulae tool-kit 1.5 hrs

  • Confirmation of knowledge
  • Vlookup and Vlookup Match
  • Logical formulae (IF, AND & OR)
  • Conditional summing


Pivot Tables 1.5 hrs


Application of learning 1.5 hrs

  • Re-development of existing workbook using skills learned
  • System reconciliation using Vlookup - simplification of existing process
  • Analysis of data using Pivot Tables


An example of a one day advanced Excel coaching session

Development of formulae tool-kit 1 hr

  • Confirmation of knowledge
  • Logical formulae (IF, AND & OR)
  • Conditional summing


Best practice modelling and risk management 1 hr

  • How to build models to a best practice standard and how to implement best practice modelling with an organisation
  • How to manage spreadsheet risk within an organisation


Scenario tools 1 hr

  • Our "what-if" module


An introduction to VBA 1.5 hrs

  • Our "An introduction to VBA" module


Application of learning 1.5 hrs

  • Further discussion on managing spreadsheet risk within client's organisation
  • Development of three macros for the client to use going forward
  • Discussion around development of specific spreadsheet models